Pat McGee Holiday EP

No Warmer Place/This Christmas
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I am so thrilled to share with you my first annual release of original holiday tunes! These two songs, “No Warmer Place” & “This Christmas”, were written last December while I was reflecting on that special time of year. I recorded them at Bias Studios in Springfield, VA in August of 2014 with some dear friends as well as some true legends.

This stellar lineup (listed below) included some of the same legendary musicians who rocked my LP (due out publicly in 2015), as well as a few old pals from Eddie From Ohio, a band that got my career rolling way back to my first release, From The Wood, in 1995. Butch Taylor (Dave Matthews Band longtime keyboardist) laid down some gorgeous parts on grand piano and—someone I have long admired and had not had the pleasure of working with until now—Mr. John Jennings tracked with us on guitar. John didn’t realize that he single-handily educated me on how to write a song and perform it in front of people when, at 17 years old, I witnessed him blow the roof off The (old) Birchmere in Alexandria, VA with just an acoustic guitar and vocal. I was sold.

This session was absolutely a major mutual admiration society and exactly the vibe that these songs needed to tell the story within the music. We even included an instrumental one-take “jam” of “This Christmas” just to showcase the relaxed atmosphere that was present on that special August day. Even though it was pushing 90 degrees outside in Northern VA, we all some how got into a December state of mind upon the first chord played. The instrumental piece is a nice addition to the featured tracks and will be sure to help you cheerfully stuff stockings and trim trees for many seasons to come.

Lyrically, “No Warmer Place” paints the picture of the warmth felt during the holiday season all around our beautiful country while “This Christmas” depicts the lighthearted journey of a couple rediscovering each other and starting a life with holiday traditions.

I hope you enjoy and keep ‘em spinning for years to come. Thanks for your support of this music, it makes a great Christmas gift to a family member or friend too!

Have a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season!

The Band:
Pat McGee, vocals and acoustic guitar
Russ Kunkel, drums
Danny Kortchmar, guitar
John Jennings, guitar
Chip Johnson, bass
Butch Taylor, piano
John “Red” Redling, organ
Michael Ghegan, horns
Patrick McAloon, backing vocals
Jonathan Williams, backing vocals
Gabe Witcher, violin
Matt Menefee, banjo
Eddie Hartness, percussion
Mike Clem, harmonica
Kit Karlson and Chip Johnson, anything else I missed!

Produced by: Chip Johnson, Kit Karlson and Pat McGee
Mixed by: Chip Johnson and Kit Karlson at Alpine Red Studios (Gainesville, VA)
Recorded at: Bias Studios, Springfield, VA
Engineered by: Mike Monseur
Mastered by: Larry Lachmann at Kevorkian Mastering, NYC
Artwork & Design by: Patrick McAloon

McGee To Rock In New Year With Two Weekend Shows

Pat McGee is ringing in the New Year in rocking fashion with back-to-back shows at two killer venues.

First up, a Friday January 2nd performance at the City Winery in Nashville, Tennessee—a new hotspot in the Music City. McGee recent played the City Winery in New York City and has performed at the Chicago location in the past—two of his favorite rooms in the country.

McGee will come with some back-up, as well as calling on some local “Nashvillians” who could make a guest appearance. Great room, great food and an all-around stellar setting.

The following day, McGee will make the trek southeast to the Peachtree State for a return to Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. An established listening room, another one of McGee’s favorite spots—where some killer guests are expected for the 7:00 p.m. show.

Tickets are currently on sale for both shows—City Winery in Nashville (click here) and Eddie’s Attic in Decatur (click here)—with more shows soon to be announced as McGee will soon release a new album, recorded in the latter half of 2014.

The self-titled effort features some heavy-hitting musicianship as McGee brought in Russ Kunkel on drums, Leland Sklar bass and both Waddy Wachtel and Jeff Pevar on guitar.

The summertime sessions at Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles opened the door for some special guests to get on board over the coming months, including guitarist Danny Kortchmar, Paul Barrere of Little Feat and Pat Monahan of Train—adding a few more layers to an already incredible recording experience.

Follow Pat McGee on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as for all the latest news regarding upcoming shows an the soon-to-be-released tenth album.

Studio Update

Well, thanks to all you fans out there that supported Kickstarter as well as the ones who continually come to the shows and buy my music online, I have embarked on quite the recording journey! Truly this has been a “dream record”.

It’s no secret that I grew up a big Jackson Browne and James Taylor fan while also having my musical feet firmly dipped in Clapton, The Allmans, The Dead, CSNY and so many more great artists from the 1970’s. So when I recently fell back in love with vinyl, I was truly inspired to write music that would have had a home in that time.

Next thing I know, its June and I am in a studio in Hollywood, the same one where Pink Floyd cut The Wall, Ray Charles, John Lennon, Steely Dan and countless others tracked Hall Of Fame worthy recordings. Also in the fabric of those studio walls were the recorded parts from the musicians that I was so fortunate to work with on my new record…Russ Kunkel on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, Waddy Wachtel, Jeff Pevar and Danny Kortchmar on guitars. These legends joined my core group of players, John Redling on B3 organ and Patrick McAloon on vocals. I am co-producing this album with longtime friends Chip Johnson and Kit Karlson, who have risen far above any high expectation that was set.

The process was pretty mind-blowing and extremely calming all at the same time. I would simply present my song to the room of musicians and as I strummed and sang, they listened. Something you learn as a toddler, to LISTEN. Five minutes later we were cutting the first take of one of my tunes. And within a maximum of 3 takes, we were done and onto the next song. We tracked 4 songs a day and were done before dinner, starting casually around noon. It was so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time, the creativity was on maximum and musicianship was off the charts. No discussions were made or debates about what to play and when to play it, it was all just in the moment and live to tape…what a beautiful thing. I have to thank my family for sneaking in some supportive notes into my guitar case, so when I opened em up in LA, I was hit with all that love…

We have had some amazing guests on this record already! Just to name a few John Popper from Blues Traveler lent his blisteringly funky harmonica chops, Gabe Witcher from Punchbrothers performed beautifully on violin and viola. Matt Menefee from Bruce Hornsby plucked some sweet rollin banjo, Michael Ghegan did what he does best—rock the saxophone like no other on earth. I was so honored to have such huge talents in the vocal department…starting with my men, Patrick McAloon and Jonathan Williams, but also: Tony Lucca, Emily Hearn, Colby James, Al Walsh, Hugh McGee, Bobby Houck and Hank Futch from Blue Dogs, and more to come!

Seeing how this music was inspired by vinyl, you better believe I am geeking out and putting it ON vinyl with some stellar packaging that would give those classics a run for their money purely based on vibe! I don’t know that I have ever been so proud of a body of work as I am about this album…every person involved has been such a valuable piece of this art—truly a collective effort.

Good news: my friends Chris Bello and Zack Mathers at Frequent Flyer Productions caught this all on film, so expect one hell of a documentary about this whole dang thing!

This just scrapes the surface of how amazing this year in recording has been. I wish I could sit with each of you and have a private listening party…it’s 2014, can’t that somehow be a reality? Hmmmm…

Release date info to follow, thanks for your patience…

- Pat

Pat McGee At Jammin Java October 10th

Pat McGee & Friends
Friday, October 10th
Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave
Vienna, VA
Click here for ticket info.

Pat McGee, fresh out of studio time in Los Angeles, California as well as locally here in Virginia, returns to Jammin Java to host his annual “Adopt a Family” show with some very special guests joining him for the evening. These shows are always a blast and raise much-needed funds for parents who cannot afford to give their families are proper holiday celebration.

Pat has had one heck of a 2014! He started off the year with roaring success—a 200%-funded Kickstarter campaign to record songs that he wrote while being inspired by the early1970s singer-songwriter movement.

Then in May, his Down The Hatch OBX festival was a massive success hosting over 250 hardcore music fans and many of the nations finest artists (Luke Brindley, Tony Lucca, Michael Tolcher, Keaton Simons and more!).

In June he headed to LA to record his 10th album with his dream band, the same players who shaped a majority of the music being recorded in Southern California in the 70′s. Pat was joined in a legendary Hollywood studio for one week with Russ Kunkel on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, Waddy Wachtel & Jeff Pevar on guitars.

Danny Kortchmar is planning on joining this project later in the summer along with many special surprise guests. With this amazing team, Pat has created his best work to date. Look for a release towards the end of the year as well as a full fledged documentary about the entire process.

Pat is a local NOVA guy—starting his career back in high school playing area Battle of the Bands competitions and has since gone on to perform for The President as well headline Wolf trap seven times as well as Jiffy Lube (back when I was called Nissan!), with Allman Brothers Band, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac and Jimmy Buffett.

For this unique show at Jammin Java, Pat brings a powerhouse band—joined by Jonathan Bryan Williams on piano, Michael Ghegan on saxophone and keys, Patrick McAloon on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Brian Shanley on drums, Steve Bentz on bass and very special guest Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, CSN, Joe Cocker, Phil Lesh, Marc Cohn and more ) on guitar.

Get your VIP tickets to hang with the band at soundcheck as well as get a sneak peek listening session to some rough tracks from Pats latest album! Shhhhh!

Pat McGee ‘Down The Hatch’ Recap

What an incredible time had by all at this year’s Down The Hatch. Just when it seems the event can’t get any better, it reaches new levels and I spend the long drive home beginning to plan for the next one.

This year’s three-day journey began with loading up the Tundra in Barrington, RI and hitting the road with singer/songwriter Colby James and crew member Rodney Millette. We ventured south for the annual pilgrimage to The Outer Banks of North Carolina and DTH 2014 was official underway.

I’ve realized by now that the road trip is the foreword to the story Down The Hatchers will collectively write about the weekend. Folks descend on OBX for this event from all across the country and countless fans have told that the experiences that happen during their travels are just as memorable.

Our Rhode Island crew pulled into coastal North Carolina late Tuesday and we immediately set up our ocean-facing room like we were college freshmen from the 70s, overtaking our dorm, armed with guitars, a PA, turntable and a crate full of vintage vinyl. Black light posters and tapestries were all that were missing.

Wednesday was our full-blown admin day, getting VIP bags ready for attendees and making sure all ducks were in a row so that a proper soak-it-all-in experience could take place.

The PIT—a surf shop, bar and basement rock club offered the perfect setting for a casual hang with the early-bird Down-The-Hatchers.

Keaton Simons, Patrick McAloon and Pat McGee getting things rolling Wednesday night.

We played a few tunes, sipped some libations and hung out in a killer setting with the early-birders. Seems like every year there are more and more folks making the good call to arrive Wednesday, which has become known for bonus impromptu performances by many of the artists who feel the spirit to get up, share some tunes and story-tell.

Late night the party spilled back to “Casa de McGee” where good wine flowed and the vinyl was probably spinning too late and too loudly. Sorry Ramada Plaza but we were in our zone.

Things officially kicked off on Thursday, chilling oceanfront all day with Down-The-Hatchers who were bracing for the impact of awesomeness that was brewing for the evening.

Kevin McFadden checking out the scene while keeping DTH running smoothly.

By late afternoon we took over the beachside back deck and over a half dozen artists played sets until almost midnight.

Come nightfall on the deck, when the weather is just right and the lights are all a-glow, there’s an unspoken promise that the attendees and musicians alike are primed to experience something wonderful.

This portion of DTH is always a true reflection of how my dream backyard party would play out. I’m in a down-home environment where I’m able to share all this amazing music with friends—new and old—in such a gorgeous, relaxed setting. The back deck performances truly encompass what DTH was originally set-up to do: share.

Down The Hatchers taking in the Thursday night back deck jam.

Talented artists rotated and floored everyone with inspired collaborations, coupled with hysterical and heartfelt storytelling—every music-lover’s dream.

These moments only seem to come to fruition when you have the right mix of people, music and ambiance. On that late-May Thursday night in coastal North Carolina,  we expereinced something special.

When the deck concert wrapped, a large contingent took over the hotel bar and followed the lead of two freaks in bad wigs—myself and the one-of-a-kind Steve Bentz—who attempted to host a game of Pictionary. (A valiant effort, but we’ll change gears next year. I already have a few grand ideas I look forward to sharing.)

Bentz and McGee—two freaks in bad wigs—hosting Pictionary.

From there, “DJ Tolcher” took things next-level, working the wheels-of-steel and pumping beats that took us to closing time, as Down-The-Hatchers showed off their spirited dance skills.

While the previous night ended with spinning records and cramming too many people into one room, we opted to take over the ballroom late Thursday, rolling in with guitars, a few bottles of red and a few dozen fans for an impromptu jam.

Voices were blown from a night of deck-serenading, but in the spirit of keeping the party going, Tony Lucca, Jason Adamo, Doug Casteen, Mic Cappdevielle (who can turn anything into a percussion instrument) and I formed what was a makeshift indoor campfire circle and belted out tunes for hours on end.

The late-night ballroom jam with Lucca, Adamo, Casteen and Mic.

The late-night magic is a bit foggy, but I vaguely remember the documentary crew in the house and might want to check that footage out before signing off on it!

What little sleep I got certainly helped for our 10:00 a.m. go-time; and a hearty thanks to my right-hand woman and DTH manager, Colleen Connor, the responsible one and glue that keeps this whole thing together.

C.C. made sure I was up on time, put together and ready to rock on the beach with those responsible folks who actually went to bed pre-sunrise.

Despite any lack of downtime, everyone brought their A-game Friday morning for the guitar lessons with fans, which has become one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend.

Guitar lessons and songwriting sessions are what make Down The Hatch special.

Getting to know and talk with aspiring musicians who come back year after year, more skilled and seasoned than they were the summer before—that’s what it’s all about.

Some of these folks have literally gone from baby steps and two chords, to performing their own music at gigs in their hometowns. It’s amazing. There are even kids at DTH these days who play circles around what I was doing at their age.

Next year this portion of the event will be enhanced. I’ll be in touch about that, but know that my gears are-a-turnin’, so keep strumming, my friends.

The Friday and Saturday beach sets were everything I’d hoped they would be and have organically grown into arguably the most chill musical experience one can soak in.

The Friday morning beach concert, that ran until sundown.

Down-The-Hatchers set up their lounge chairs, umbrellas and blankets, gazing at the Atlantic like just another standard day at the beach—only it so wasn’t, with some of our nation’s best singer/songwriters serenading them until sundown.

Honestly, how could it get any better?

Some other highlights rolling through my head as I recap this incredible weekend:

— I kicked off the event by performing my entire new album (selfishly, I might add) as I couldn’t have been more excited to share these songs with my “Hatchers” family.

I was still working through these new songs, hadn’t yet performed them for an audience and knew that we’d be tracking them in Los Angeles a few weeks later, which we just wrapped mid-June. Down The Hatch proved the perfect venue to debut some of my most-personal songs to date.

I was accompanied by Kit Karlson and Chip Johnson (of Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers and The Alternate Routes fame), who are also producing my latest effort with me. Kit dominated on the magical-sand-sinking Wurlitzer piano, while Chip held down “bass in black” (side note, I’m quite certain Mr. Johnson showers in multiple layers of black clothing).

Chip Johnson, Pat McGee and Kit Karlson, sporting rockin' beachwear.

We were joined by my longtime sidekick and percussion-master Chardy McEwan and my newest longtime sidekick, vocal powerhouse and guitmandoista, Patrick McAloon. Everything came together as I had envisioned and I can’t tell everyone enough how much I dug trying out my new material, in that setting, to fresh ears and a captive audience.

Chardy McEwan finding that groove.

— I still have visions of Colby James running around to each sun-worshipper, having them sing a verse of “Wagon Wheel”, while joined by “Banjo”—a fine gentleman (who does actually play banjo)—we met while touring overseas for the Navy in Africa.

Reuniting with “Banjo” on the shores of the Outer Banks after having him sit in with us in Djibouti—it brought everything full circle. (Seriously, how cool is that?) TJ Sweeney joined Colby and together they absolutely delivered the goods. So, so glad these two fine Rhode Island artists joined us again this past year.

Colby James and TJ Sweeney bringing The Ocean State vibe to DTH.

 — Emily Hearn and her talented husband and bass player, Michael Hearn, doing what they do best… laying down sweet melodies and easy-going tunes that you could listen to all day long. I appreciate having this duo at this event and always love the reaction from fans who hear Emily for the first time and wonder where she’s been hiding all their lives.

Michael and Emily Hearn performing beachside.

 — Jason Adamo getting after it, as always, with a great band of guys backing him proper. Such a massive voice and presence. I’m sure someone on the shores of Spain got a free concert during his beachside set. Dude can carry.

Doug Casteen and Jason Adamo mid-set on Friday.

 — My main man McAloon showing his incredible range of talents, as well as getting to see his family take in his set and all that he brought to the event. Each year DTH hosts more young kids and I absolutely love that. Maybe we’ll see ‘Team McGee’ taking over the beach next year, in McAloon-fam-like fashion.

Kids are becoming a big part of the family-friendly Down The Hatch.

 — Luke Brindley bringing what he brings to an event like this. His sets were absolutely perfect, with well-crafted songs. Such a unique voice and talent, not to mention a killer guitar skillset. Luke is a true artist who has stood the test of time. We were honored to have him back with us.

The super-talented Luke Brindley.

 — Loved getting an impromptu set from Jonathan Williams, one of the founding members of the Pat McGee Band. J-Dub is an incredibly gifted musician who also happens to be working on his debut album, so stay tuned for that … and check out the height he got while summoning the Kill Devil Hill Sea Beast with his magical mouth organ.

Jonathan Williams—never afraid to let loose.

 — Aside from his masterful DJing efforts, Michael Tolcher again proved to be the heart and soul of another Down The Hatch and shone especially bright during those seaside sets. Something so free about all of it that allows Tolcher to be Tolcher. I hear MT is soon releasing a new album. All I can say is, “hell yeah” and bring it to DTH ’15, Michael.

Michael Tolcher bringing some serious energy.

 — The raw talent that is Tony Lucca is just so plain nasty, in the best way. So glad he had his moment with the nation on NBC’s “The Voice” a few years back, showing everyone what we Hatchers have all know for years—that he’s the real-deal and we’re always lucky to have him doing his thing at this event.

Tony Lucca dazzling the crowd, as always.

 — Keaton Simons … what else can you say? The man exudes so much joy, positivity and love—while winning every nightly costume contest, hands down—and when able to grab a mic and guitar to express himself, it’s apparent why he was put on this earth.

It wouldn’t be Down The Hatch without Keaton (I would need to get a lot more tattoos and a killer perm) and hugs to his lady Laura Goldfarb—the anti-Yoko. She’s amazingly talented in her own right (Big Kahuna at Red Boot PR and as passionate of a music-enthusiast that exists) and we love her. Thank you for lifting everything up, up, up!

Laura Goldfarb (far left) and Keaton Simons (far right) getting groovy with fellow Hatchers.

 — Matt Duke and his tenacious knack for casually drawing you into his world and then just soul-crushing you with intense, heart-wrenching performances, followed-up with sweet lullaby’s you’d sing to babies and kittens. Or they’d sing to you…. I’m not sure which, but I promise for sure that kittens are somehow involved.

The unassuming Matt Duke in the middle of a rocking set.

 — Lastly, I’d be doing this section a disservice if I didn’t give a rousing shout-out to the baddest band in the land, “The Rollaways”—Mic “Micky Styxx” Cappdevielle and Steve “Bentz” Bentz.

Their commitment to not only all-day AND all-night rockin’, but their all-in, whatever-it-takes mentality to theme nights is priceless. These guys back the majority of the artists from sun-up to sun-down and in my opinion, deserve their own Down The Hatch, don’t you think? I know I’d buy a ticket.

Mic and Steve doing their best Daddy Mack and Mack Daddy.

For those who haven’t witnessed Bentz’s now legendary action, check him out on Vine. He and Mic instantly give us street-cred and make us cooler, while making Barry Gibb and Larry Dallas weep with envy about the overpowering sexuality and aura achieved on 70′s theme night.

Back to the recap, both Friday and Saturday nights truly rocked. For the first time ever we decided to keep the evening shows exclusive to Down The Hatch revelers. Ben Sproul at The PIT gave us free reign of the college-themed, dark, crowded, rock club vibe for 90′s night (which all us musicians miss and long for).

The result might have been us playing too long and too loudly, while trying to recapture that era’s flanneled-out magic, but hey, that’s rock and roll last time I checked. I guess we could’ve turned it down a notch and ended earlier—NOT!”

Brindley, McGee and Bentz going over song choices on 90's night.

 All the artists slayed on Friday night—a mix of original tunes and era-appropriate cover tunes. I have to give props for the musicianship, as well as the all-in mentality regarding the outfits. “The Rollaways” earned a Yo! MTV Raps-like, “Oh snap!” when donning Kris Kross reverse threads, while McAloon opened up a (Whiz) can of whoop-ass, dropping “Cold Beverage” by Philly’s pride and joy, G-Love.

Adamo and Duke looked like they took a time machine to the venue direct from 1993 with their alt-rock garb, with Adamo laying down a version of Pearl Jam’s “Alive” that would’ve made Eddie Vedder shake in his Doc Martens.

The later it got, coupled with non-stop trips to the back bar, the more liberty we took launching into tunes we hadn’t played in a decade or so. McAloon’s sweet mandolin made for a solid rendition of REM’s “Losing My Religion”, with a sea of artists on stage while he, Colby, TJ and I took a stab at “Hunger Strike” by Temple Of The Dog.

McAloon, Duke and Bentz covering REM's "Losing My Religion" on 90's night.

Home-skillet J-Willy was on point when I asked him to bang out some Garth Brooks and the dude that took the guitar solo—you straight!—while home-slice Tolcher brought the house down with his raps.

Emily was all, “talk to the hand” when she showed us how it was done with her Cranberries cover, while Tony went boy-band status and smoked the room with his Brit-Brit cover, “Baby One More Time.”

Tearing up The PIT while Jonathan Williams OWNS Garth Brooks on 90's night.

Keaton was stylin’ and profilin’ in his puffy Planet Hollywood jacket, pager and dope fanny pack, adding to his legend status.

One dude was like, “Bro, Keaton’s outfit is so ugly,” and I was all, “So is your face. Peace out, m’kay!” Around 3:00 a.m. I was all, “Let’s bounce” and back to the Ramada we rolled. The only buzzkill that night was the sunrise, which a dozen of us took in on the sand….

Keaton Simons and the now famous Planet Hollywood jacket and one Spicy Girl.

In Groundhog Day-esque fashion, we were back at it again Saturday morning with virtually zero shut-eye, which is the name of the game. There really is no “off” switch and “Hatchers” have accepted that they’ll catch up on sleep the following week.

Pat and the boys writing songs on the spot with beachside fans on Saturday morning.

Our final day in the Outer Banks kicked off with the songwriting sessions with the fans. Last year was the maiden voyage for this event and this time around was even better.

Folks always ask me how I write songs and I thought this exercise would be a great way to give fans insight into the process. We literally start from scratch and the artists quickly collaborate and attempt to come up with a tune. By the end of the morning session we crafted something catchy and a nice young lass held my iPhone while I sang into the mic.

Sometimes fans toss out suggestions and whether they know it or not, head nodding and facial expressions—good, or bad—play a role in the shape the song may take. We also work with fans on their original song ideas, should they have something they want to share.

Like Will Ferrell’s character “Frank The Tank” in Old School, this exercise is like being in the “trust tree in the nest”, as songwriting is a very personal and vulnerable process. The time spent focused on songwriting in the midst of a three-day beach bash further underscores the true spirt of Down The Hatch. I trust these people and they trust me.

Sharing the songwriting process with fans is something that never gets old.

Personally, my biggest takeaway from the beachside songwriting sessions came last year when I had the fans’ support and learned it was truly acceptable to include the lyric, “I love you” in a song called “Overboard”, which I wrote for my wife, recorded a few weeks back and will include on my next album. I vividly remember the reaction of some of the women in attendance when I sang that line and in that moment, I knew it was a keeper.

The rest of our lazy Saturday was live-performance-driven, with a second day of sets played in the sand and another picture-perfect day. We capped off the late afternoon with a full BBQ spread from one of my all-time favorite mom-and-pop spots, Pigman’s Bar-B-Que.

Pigman's BBQ ... no words are necessary. Just look at the pic and try not to drool.

I’ve been eating there since I was a kid and it always feels as comfortable as an old t-shirt when they set-up and do their saucy thing. (A side note and hearty thanks to the Pigman’s crew for their to-go packaging job that allowed me to bring the leftovers back to Rhode Island. My friends and neighbors remain thoroughly impressed at my ability to repurpose frozen meats. Taco nights have been off the chain lately–yes, there is still Pigman’s beef in my freezer!)

Our final Down The Hatch installment was our 70′s-themed concert. For the first time ever we decided to use the Ramada Ballroom, in an effort to keep things exclusive to our Hatchers.

When coming up with the vibe for each night, I harken back to when I vacationed to various island destinations and there was often a theme. At the time I’d roll my eyes and act above that degree of cheesiness. Just give me my all-inclusive hibachi meal and shelf-liquor beverage I paid good money for and let me go sit in my hammock with my lady.

The Mustache Bash in the Ramada Ballroom on Saturday night brought down the house.

In time I learned that I was wrong and that’s certainly not the type of vibe that fits our Down The Hatch motif. Theme nights are as much a part of DTH as the music itself and I love seeing folks go all-out with their costumes and personas.

70′s night looks like a mainstay for future events. The mustache-fest was simply too groovy to not bring back, while the ladies looked downright Veronica Corningstone—smokin’. (Or wait, was that Bentz?)

I don’t know where to begin raving about all the artists and their inspired looks, so I’ll suggest taking the time to peruse the photo galleries put together by the super-talented Daniel Glass, who captures the event through his lens, year after year.

McAloon, Simons and McGee going "album cover" with this pose.

Again the bands rocked through their killer originals, but pulled out some choice nugs from the era. A lot of Marvin Gaye and some R&B classics, as well as a full-fledged commitment to rent a proper disco ball next year.

I hope my foggy recap does DTH 2014 justice. If I left anything out, I encourage this year’s Hatchers to please sound off in the comments section below, as well as by way of social media, in order to tell the proper story.

For those yet to attend, but on the fence, let this serve as proof that Down The Hatch is one hell of a good time. I always wind up chatting with first-timers on the final day and their lone regret is that it took them this long to commit and they wish they’d made the plunge sooner.

Another successful guitar lesson session. Can't wait to see the progress in 2015!

Because this event has become my ultimate passion project, we’ve already got the ball rolling for next year and blocked out the weekend—May 28-31, 2015. We’ve also locked down a few more names for next year, including Stephen Kellogg, Ellis Paul and Gareth Asher.

Reserve your hotel NOW by calling the Ramada Plaza at 800-635-1824 and asking for the “Pat McGee rate”. Because of the size of the ballroom and nature in which this event has grown over the past few years, I can all but guarantee you we’re looking at a sellout in ’15.

Tickets for next year’s event are now officially on sale, so click here to secure your spot.

If these gazebos could talk. Luckily they can't. See everyone again next May!

Lastly, for those of you who took the time to fill out the survey, thank you. We strive every year to make this event bigger and better and we absolutely read every comment—both the positive and the constructive criticism—and make it our mission to make enhancements before our next throw down.

Thank you again for all your support of Down The Hatch, as well as of the attending artists. Looking forward to seeing you at DTH 2015.

Until then, keep an eye on all of the artists as many are touring this year and will be in a town near you sooner than you might think. Show your fellow Hatchers some support!

Patrick McAloon —
Emily Hearn

(Note: When watching the recap video, please make sure to watch in full-screen mode as it was uploaded in 1080p!)

Pat McGee Band LIVE At Tin Angel In Philadelphia!

The Pat McGee Band will be back in action on Friday August 8th at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia, PA.

What can I say about these shows, other than they rule. I love playing the Tin Angel and it’s obvious every time we get to do what we do at this great venue. It’s intimate and always feels like I’m having you over my home to share music, stories and a few drinks.

Click here for tickets, which usually go pretty quickly and please spread the word. Should be a fun night filled with some classic tunes and some new stuff.

Been in the studio all summer, laying down tracks in Los Angeles and vocals in Virginia. Looking forward to bringing you guys up to speed with all that’s been accomplished.

8:00 p.m. start time. Let’s have some fun. — Pat 

Pat McGee Band LIVE At B.J. Ryan’s In Norwalk!

The Pat McGee Band will be playing B.J. Ryan’s in Norwalk, CT on Friday September 12th. Tickets at this venue always sellout quickly, so please spread the word and get yours before it’s too late by clicking here!

BJ’s has become my new “home away from home”. The place is all ours. The food and drinks are top notch and the vibe is just perfect, which is why I dub it a Down The Hatch-style event.

Shows at B.J.’s are incredibly intimate, so please don’t wait on getting your tickets—especially for a Friday show. The house will be packed!

Looking forward to playing you some of my recently-recorded new tunes, as well as some vintage classics (and anything else you might heckle me with!)

Once you’ve purchased tickets, we highly advise getting a table properly reserved for dining—especially if you’re bringing a big group. Call B.J.’s at 203-866-7926 and we’ll see y’all Friday September 12th, Norwalk!

New Dream Album
with Legendary Artists

How YOU Can Help Make This Happen Through Kickstarter

I am making a new album! It’s the biggest project I have ever attempted, and I need your help to make this dream come true. I have written the songs, gotten legendary musicians signed up to record with me, and secured an historic studio in Los Angeles where we will put together what will be my best music ever. What I need now is your support of this project through Kickstarter.

Not since my first album, wow, 20 years ago, have I been this excited about my music! And never have I been this inspired to write songs. I wake up in the middle of the night, the crack of dawn and even run from the dinner table when music comes to me, and boy oh boy, it’s been flowing like a river for the last six months! I have enough material for three records! These songs were heavily influenced by the vinyl I have been spinning over the last year.

To get started, I went out and found the albums that started that fire in my soul back when I was a kid. Reconnecting with this music has been nothing short of a religious experience for me. I am writing from a much more personal place than ever before, not to mention we recently welcomed Jack, my new son, to go along with my three beautiful daughters, which has stirred all kinds of emotions (yes, he gets his own song on this album). I cannot wait to share this music with you guys, and I want you to be part of the process.

The “Dream” STUDIO

I have secured Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles to record this album. Pink Floyd cut “The Wall” there, and John Lennon, Ray Charles, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac all graced the space. Enough said…

The “Dream” BAND

While chasing the sound on those magical recordings, I was able to track down the artists who helped make these albums classics, and fortunately these guys have agreed to back me in the studio. These are the actual players on the iconic albums that have been inspiring my music:

Russ Kunkel on drums

Leland Sklar on bass

Waddy Wachtel on guitar

Jeff Pevar on guitar

I couldn’t feel more honored that these legends agreed to rock with me for this project. They have backed some of the best songwriters of all time–you may recognize them from their performances with–I’m dropping some big names so you can understand my enthusiasm: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Marc Cohn, Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Linda Rondstadt, Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Neil Diamond, Joe Walsh, The Bee Gee’s, B.B King, Elton John, Lyle Lovett, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Warren Zevon, Bill Withers, Steve Winwood, Barbara Streisand, Toto, Don Henley, The Rolling Stones & more. If you don’t know their faces, you WILL recognize their sounds.

Of course, joining these fine artists will be some of the amazingly talented musicians that you have heard on my previous nine albums, as well as some very special guest vocalists and musicians ;) I am co-producing this record along with my touring comrades and fellow rockers, Chip Johnson from Alternate Routes and Kit Karleson, formerly of Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers.

In addition to a new Pat McGee album, for the first time ever, I’ll be recording my original holiday songs (to be released in winter 2014), as well as a new track with all the founding members of Pat McGee Band!

Your Role in Getting this Project Done

I have started a Kickstarter campaign to help this dream come true. Kickstarter allows fans to remove the middle man and get the music from the artist straight to the fans. The people who love and enjoy the music, rather than a record company, fund the project. For that support, you will receive various rewards. I only have until Monday, May 12 to reach my goal in this one-month campaign. To learn more and become a part of this project, please visit:

Please check out all the cool stuff we are offering on Kickstarter so you can find some unique ways to be a key part of this process. This campaign only lasts one month, and if it’s a success, I’m off to Hollywood to make this album! I hope you will join us to get this project funded–donations large and small are needed. I can’t wait to head off to Boulevard Recording with these legendary artists to bring life to my new songs and get them in your hands.

There is so much that goes into why an artist breaks wide open, and I am shooting for the stars on this one. Please be a part of it.

Please pass this along to your music-loving friends who might not be on my mailing list. Thanks for your strong support of my records and shows over the years, and in advance for helping get this project off the ground. You guys rock!

CHECK OUT MY KICKSTARTER VIDEO & learn all you need to know about how you can support this project!

Down The Hatch OBX 2014
is officially announced!

Pat McGee’s
Down The Hatch OBX
May 29-31, 2014

Pat McGee will once again be taking over the Outer Banks of North Carolina for his 5th annual Down The Hatch OBX! Complete with stellar music on beautiful beaches and lifelong memories of the ultimate VIP hang with artists, friends and family, DTH OBX is not to be missed.

Pat strives to share with you his passion for discovering new—and veteran—talents and experiencing the good stuff in life. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to check out some of America’s most talented singer-songwriters, relax on the pristine OBX beaches with your family and friends, cut up the dance floor when the bands crank it up for the evening rock shows, and even take a guitar lesson or songwriting class with your favorite artist! Then again, you can be a wallflower and still have the time of your life.

This year’s lineup will be the best yet! Along with Pat McGee Band and seasoned DTH vet, Keaton Simons, who always brings the great vibes, Tony Lucca will return to rock DTH! Also returning to the line-up: Matt Duke, Patrick McAloon, Luke Brindley, Emily Hearn, Colby James & TJ Sweeney, Jason Adamo Band plus more artists to be announced!* When you put this many talented musicians together for an entire weekend, who happen to be close friends, it inevitably leads to truly unique moments on and off stage.

For those of you who attended DTH OBX in the past and completed our survey, we’ve listened to what you had to say: As an upgrade from previous DTHs, 2014’s evening performances will be exclusive parties for only DTH ticket holders. And with Pat’s top-notch DTH team, these nights will be simply unforgettable—offering inspired, themed sets everyone can enjoy.

2013 sold out well in advance so don’t wait to get your tickets or reserve your hotel rooms at the newly renovated Ramada Plaza in OBX! (See info below.)

Get in on this presale pricing before tickets go up or sell out. (Booking now also gives you the chance to reserve the best-of- the-best hotel rooms before they are gone.) We highly recommend you stay at the Ramada Plaza as most of the events happen there.

Stay tuned! Much more to follow… Down The Hatch!


Hotel Reservations:

(252) 441-2151
Ramada Plaza
1701 South Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Ask for the “Pat McGee Down The Hatch” rate!

Artists Subject To Change

Down The Hatch OBX 2013

Pat McGee’s Down The Hatch getaway encompasses all that is good in life: The company of friends, the joy of discovering amazing musical talents, experiencing America’s hidden treasured towns and all that these destinations offer in landscape, culture and cuisine. June 6-8, 2013, Pat and his DTH team are returning to the gorgeous Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina to do just that.

At the flagship event DTH OBX, recline your beach chair or grab a seat on the deck. This event has blossomed into the premier getaway for both the vacationer and the artists. The display of supremely talented musicians that Pat has assembled will renew your passion for live original music and you’ll pay witness to improvisational collaborations that can only happen at DTH. This casual hang on the warm southern shores is the perfect atmosphere for musicians and fans.

Artists for DTH OBX 2013 include:

Pat McGee (VA)
Keaton Simons (CA)
Michael Tolcher (GA)
Liz Longley, (MA)
Andy Davis (LA)
Matt Duke (PA)
Emily Hearn (GA)
Gareth Asher (GA)
Patrick McAloon (RI)
Jason Adamo (NC)
Tim Warren of Alternative Routes (CT)
Colby James & TJ Sweeney (RI)
& more!

DTH has it all: Sun up to sun down intimate acoustic performances by our nation’s top singer/songwriters, an abundance of casual hangs with all the artists, beach activities, authentic NC barbeque, guitar and songwriting lessons by the musicians, luau’s, evening full band shows in town, inspired theme events and so much more you just can’t predict.

It all kicks off Thursday night with Songwriters In The Sand out on the back deck of the hotel (info below) where you will get a taste of the fabulous performers. Friday and Saturday deliver relaxation on the beach through the soundtrack of some of the most gifted singer-songwriters our nation has to offer; and the evenings feature Pat McGee Band hosting two nights of full band rockin’ at the local hang Kelly’s just down the road!

And for the first time, the DTH vibe will extend beyond healthy mind and soul to healthy hearts. Fun morning exercise and mini beach marathons with the artists will be a part of this year’s event if you so chose to join in.

Grab a hotel room at the site of the event and make your stay truly relaxing. You won’t miss a thing as no artist ever plays at the same time as another. It’s a great way to spend a weekend with your spouse, your friends or family. Down The Hatch 2013 is guaranteed to lift your spirits! Just ask someone who has attended DTH, they’ll give you the scoop…

“I knew the music line-up was ridiculously loaded with talent,
but as far as the experience that was to come,
from the people and the location, I was blown away.
So much love on one beach.”

“It was euphoric.
My wife and I had a chance to truly relax and enjoy the moments–
–of which there were endless amounts.”

“I will never miss another one, you surely can’t download THIS experience.”


Hotel Reservations:
(252) 441-2151
Ramada Plaza
1701 South Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Ask for the “Pat McGee Down The Hatch” rate!