New Dream Album
with Legendary Artists

How YOU Can Help Make This Happen Through Kickstarter

I am making a new album! It’s the biggest project I have ever attempted, and I need your help to make this dream come true. I have written the songs, gotten legendary musicians signed up to record with me, and secured an historic studio in Los Angeles where we will put together what will be my best music ever. What I need now is your support of this project through Kickstarter.

Not since my first album, wow, 20 years ago, have I been this excited about my music! And never have I been this inspired to write songs. I wake up in the middle of the night, the crack of dawn and even run from the dinner table when music comes to me, and boy oh boy, it’s been flowing like a river for the last six months! I have enough material for three records! These songs were heavily influenced by the vinyl I have been spinning over the last year.

To get started, I went out and found the albums that started that fire in my soul back when I was a kid. Reconnecting with this music has been nothing short of a religious experience for me. I am writing from a much more personal place than ever before, not to mention we recently welcomed Jack, my new son, to go along with my three beautiful daughters, which has stirred all kinds of emotions (yes, he gets his own song on this album). I cannot wait to share this music with you guys, and I want you to be part of the process.

The “Dream” STUDIO

I have secured Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles to record this album. Pink Floyd cut “The Wall” there, and John Lennon, Ray Charles, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac all graced the space. Enough said…

The “Dream” BAND

While chasing the sound on those magical recordings, I was able to track down the artists who helped make these albums classics, and fortunately these guys have agreed to back me in the studio. These are the actual players on the iconic albums that have been inspiring my music:

Russ Kunkel on drums

Leland Sklar on bass

Waddy Wachtel on guitar

Jeff Pevar on guitar

I couldn’t feel more honored that these legends agreed to rock with me for this project. They have backed some of the best songwriters of all time–you may recognize them from their performances with–I’m dropping some big names so you can understand my enthusiasm: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Marc Cohn, Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Linda Rondstadt, Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Neil Diamond, Joe Walsh, The Bee Gee’s, B.B King, Elton John, Lyle Lovett, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Warren Zevon, Bill Withers, Steve Winwood, Barbara Streisand, Toto, Don Henley, The Rolling Stones & more. If you don’t know their faces, you WILL recognize their sounds.

Of course, joining these fine artists will be some of the amazingly talented musicians that you have heard on my previous nine albums, as well as some very special guest vocalists and musicians ;) I am co-producing this record along with my touring comrades and fellow rockers, Chip Johnson from Alternate Routes and Kit Karleson, formerly of Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers.

In addition to a new Pat McGee album, for the first time ever, I’ll be recording my original holiday songs (to be released in winter 2014), as well as a new track with all the founding members of Pat McGee Band!

Your Role in Getting this Project Done

I have started a Kickstarter campaign to help this dream come true. Kickstarter allows fans to remove the middle man and get the music from the artist straight to the fans. The people who love and enjoy the music, rather than a record company, fund the project. For that support, you will receive various rewards. I only have until Monday, May 12 to reach my goal in this one-month campaign. To learn more and become a part of this project, please visit:

Please check out all the cool stuff we are offering on Kickstarter so you can find some unique ways to be a key part of this process. This campaign only lasts one month, and if it’s a success, I’m off to Hollywood to make this album! I hope you will join us to get this project funded–donations large and small are needed. I can’t wait to head off to Boulevard Recording with these legendary artists to bring life to my new songs and get them in your hands.

There is so much that goes into why an artist breaks wide open, and I am shooting for the stars on this one. Please be a part of it.

Please pass this along to your music-loving friends who might not be on my mailing list. Thanks for your strong support of my records and shows over the years, and in advance for helping get this project off the ground. You guys rock!

CHECK OUT MY KICKSTARTER VIDEO & learn all you need to know about how you can support this project!

Down The Hatch OBX 2014
is officially announced!

Pat McGee’s
Down The Hatch OBX
May 29-31, 2014

Pat McGee will once again be taking over the Outer Banks of North Carolina for his 5th annual Down The Hatch OBX! Complete with stellar music on beautiful beaches and lifelong memories of the ultimate VIP hang with artists, friends and family, DTH OBX is not to be missed.

Pat strives to share with you his passion for discovering new—and veteran—talents and experiencing the good stuff in life. Over the course of the weekend, you’ll be able to check out some of America’s most talented singer-songwriters, relax on the pristine OBX beaches with your family and friends, cut up the dance floor when the bands crank it up for the evening rock shows, and even take a guitar lesson or songwriting class with your favorite artist! Then again, you can be a wallflower and still have the time of your life.

This year’s lineup will be the best yet! Along with Pat McGee Band and seasoned DTH vet, Keaton Simons, who always brings the great vibes, Tony Lucca will return to rock DTH! Also returning to the line-up: Matt Duke, Patrick McAloon, Luke Brindley, Emily Hearn, Colby James & TJ Sweeney, Jason Adamo Band plus more artists to be announced!* When you put this many talented musicians together for an entire weekend, who happen to be close friends, it inevitably leads to truly unique moments on and off stage.

For those of you who attended DTH OBX in the past and completed our survey, we’ve listened to what you had to say: As an upgrade from previous DTHs, 2014’s evening performances will be exclusive parties for only DTH ticket holders. And with Pat’s top-notch DTH team, these nights will be simply unforgettable—offering inspired, themed sets everyone can enjoy.

2013 sold out well in advance so don’t wait to get your tickets or reserve your hotel rooms at the newly renovated Ramada Plaza in OBX! (See info below.)

Get in on this presale pricing before tickets go up or sell out. (Booking now also gives you the chance to reserve the best-of- the-best hotel rooms before they are gone.) We highly recommend you stay at the Ramada Plaza as most of the events happen there.

Stay tuned! Much more to follow… Down The Hatch!


Hotel Reservations:

(252) 441-2151
Ramada Plaza
1701 South Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Ask for the “Pat McGee Down The Hatch” rate!

Artists Subject To Change

Down The Hatch OBX 2013

Pat McGee’s Down The Hatch getaway encompasses all that is good in life: The company of friends, the joy of discovering amazing musical talents, experiencing America’s hidden treasured towns and all that these destinations offer in landscape, culture and cuisine. June 6-8, 2013, Pat and his DTH team are returning to the gorgeous Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina to do just that.

At the flagship event DTH OBX, recline your beach chair or grab a seat on the deck. This event has blossomed into the premier getaway for both the vacationer and the artists. The display of supremely talented musicians that Pat has assembled will renew your passion for live original music and you’ll pay witness to improvisational collaborations that can only happen at DTH. This casual hang on the warm southern shores is the perfect atmosphere for musicians and fans.

Artists for DTH OBX 2013 include:

Pat McGee (VA)
Keaton Simons (CA)
Michael Tolcher (GA)
Liz Longley, (MA)
Andy Davis (LA)
Matt Duke (PA)
Emily Hearn (GA)
Gareth Asher (GA)
Patrick McAloon (RI)
Jason Adamo (NC)
Tim Warren of Alternative Routes (CT)
Colby James & TJ Sweeney (RI)
& more!

DTH has it all: Sun up to sun down intimate acoustic performances by our nation’s top singer/songwriters, an abundance of casual hangs with all the artists, beach activities, authentic NC barbeque, guitar and songwriting lessons by the musicians, luau’s, evening full band shows in town, inspired theme events and so much more you just can’t predict.

It all kicks off Thursday night with Songwriters In The Sand out on the back deck of the hotel (info below) where you will get a taste of the fabulous performers. Friday and Saturday deliver relaxation on the beach through the soundtrack of some of the most gifted singer-songwriters our nation has to offer; and the evenings feature Pat McGee Band hosting two nights of full band rockin’ at the local hang Kelly’s just down the road!

And for the first time, the DTH vibe will extend beyond healthy mind and soul to healthy hearts. Fun morning exercise and mini beach marathons with the artists will be a part of this year’s event if you so chose to join in.

Grab a hotel room at the site of the event and make your stay truly relaxing. You won’t miss a thing as no artist ever plays at the same time as another. It’s a great way to spend a weekend with your spouse, your friends or family. Down The Hatch 2013 is guaranteed to lift your spirits! Just ask someone who has attended DTH, they’ll give you the scoop…

“I knew the music line-up was ridiculously loaded with talent,
but as far as the experience that was to come,
from the people and the location, I was blown away.
So much love on one beach.”

“It was euphoric.
My wife and I had a chance to truly relax and enjoy the moments–
–of which there were endless amounts.”

“I will never miss another one, you surely can’t download THIS experience.”


Hotel Reservations:
(252) 441-2151
Ramada Plaza
1701 South Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Ask for the “Pat McGee Down The Hatch” rate!

StageIt Online Shows

Check out Pat and friends as they entertain you from his home.
(literally from his couch to yours)

These shows are the ultimate in intimate reality TV for musicians and their fans/stalkers. ;)

The awkwardness is just delicious!

Go to Pat’s page on for info on upcoming shows!

David Bergman Gallery

20090516_Pat_McGee_OBX_0934.NEF 20091231_Pat_McGee_NYE_1894.NEF 20100522_Pat_McGee_OBX_2010_1837.NEF DB3_2797.NEF DB3_2937.NEF Bergman_CW_5722.jpg BERGMAN_pmb_raleigh_9349.JPG HN9J5244.CR2 PMB_4388.jpg HN9Q8412.jpg


David and I go back over 10 years. We first met through my friends in Vertical Horizon and we remain close to this day. He has shot two of my album covers, (Save Me and No Wrong Way…), captured thousands of amazing tour shots, backstage moments and Down The Hatch events. He has been a huge part of what you see from PMB over the last decade and I hope many more to come. He is an extremely accomplished photographer having taken shots for everything from professional sports (a 11 time and counting Sports Illustrated cover shots), music (lately he’s been Bon Jovi’s main guy) and even politics having shot President Obama’s historic and groundbreaking Gigapan shot.  Check out ( for all his amazing work. I am proud to call him my friend and humbled that he takes time to shoot lil’ ole PMB. Then again, we DO know how to have a good time… :)

Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers – Gift Horse

Disclaimer: These guys are my friends and played on my latest record. But that doesn’t mean I will like their record just because we are old school mates.

It has some of the best writing SK and the boys have done to date. They always make records that make you THAT much closer to knowing Stephen as an artist, man and father. He’s prolific, well read, quite intelligent, and a very caring individual. These attributes shine through on Gift Horse. Stephen has a knack for making you really want to pay close attention to what he’s singing about; the listener hangs on every word and he respects that. The band sounds great. Boots, Kit and Sam are all contributing fantastically hooky and tasteful parts to give each song the lift or space they need. It’s all about serving the song and not the ego of the musician recording it. When that’s done delicately and with restraint, the ego will get its due. It’s hard to pick my favorite tunes. Each one tells a different story and does so with infectious melodies and vocal parts that are purely honest. I know first-hand how hard it is to put out a record that’s different from your previous work. The judgments start flying around and you pray people will give it a chance. Gift Horse is one of those records that will grow on you. In the end it will be one of your favorite albums that you return to over and over. Well done, fellahs.

Bob Schneider – The Perfect Day

I love ALL of Bob’s records. We had the pleasure of playing a few shows together in TX way back when…nobody does it like Bob does. He is an alien and I fear him. I watched him silence a room in St Louis on night with his talents as well as when he handed cash back to some obnoxious attendees and told them to leave. His tunes are lyrically amazing; he’s crazy talented on many instruments and has a knack for always being cooler than you. We need him. He’s the guy on the Dos Equis commercials if he made records. This album is typical Bob but like all his records, very unique. The effortless pure vocal tone he produces is hauntingly awesome. The songs on this one all stand-alone and get under your skin like a killer massage. Get this record and be slightly cooler than you were yesterday. Enjoy.