Peking Gourmet Inn – Falls Church, VA

Don’t be fooled by the strip mall. Peking Gourmet Inn is the best thing going in DC for authentic Chinese cuisine. The Peking duck dish is the nation’s (trust me, I’ve tried it everywhere), and maybe the planet’s, best. Crispy skin, handmade pancakes and spring onions from their farm, carved tableside by Zen masters make it truly unique. As Carly sings, “Nobody does it better”. We agreed to our record deal with Warner Brothers in the bulletproof room they have for Washington’s elite, including The Commander-in-Chief (Bush loved it there; Obama needs to sample that duck if he hasn’t already).

My friends and family never even look at the menu—we get the same 6 things (OK seven if you count the hot tea.): Peking duck, BB-Q pork, spring rolls, Szechwan beef proper, JeoYan shrimp and many rounds of Tsingtao beer. Get extra garlic sauce and the brown heavenly liquid that comes with the duck…You might want to do shots of it…. You cannot socialize with anyone after this meal—it’s a lights out situation. Go home and ponder what you have ingested: pure culinary ecstasy. The vibe is pure legit…the walls are covered with famous types who have dined there and the wait staff is on you like a swat team, always friendly and authentic. Can you say Down The Peking Hatch? I can. Mmmmm! Enjoy.